Our services

Structure Preparation and Execution

Steelmont Construction a.s. is one of the well established construction companies, having a solid background, a perspective team of experienced employees and a wide range of highly-qualified external partners. This set-up constitutes a fundamental condition when rendering complex services in the field of structure preparation and execution.
What does this mean in practice? Let’s take a closer look:

Analysis and understanding of a client’s conception

Selection of and proposal for a suitable site in the desired location

Preparation of the action
  • a detailed survey of the current condition of building facilities
  • obtaining requirements of public and legal bodies
  • environmental assessment and conditions – EIA

Drawing up a draft of the structure

with respect to:

  • the environment
  • economics
  • architecture
  • desired structural design with regard to facility functionality
  • thermotechnical requirements
  • fire requirements
  • technological requirements
  • occupational safety and health protection

Preparation of project documentation by phase as dictated by law

Preparation of documents for site sub-contractor selection

The actual construction execution

We launch the implementation:

  • by equipping the construction site
  • by establishing connections of utilities necessary for the execution according to the volume of work to be conducted on the construction
  • providing for access roads

And then, we continue:

  • by terrain adjustments
  • construction of the foundations
  • erection the main structure
  • assembling cladding
  • by horizontal and vertical structures – wet processes
  • opening fillings
  • industrial and utility floors
  • utility lines
  • landscaping and roads
  • hard surfaces with emphasis on the quality and fulfillment of the investor’s requirements in all implementation steps, in particular in the final production part.

Handover of a operative building to the client
  • revision reports and construction-part functionality checks
  • completion of documentation
  • handover and takeover according to protocol